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Brisbane cakemaker scammed with unusual request

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People are being warned to be cautious when making business transactions on social media after a cakemaker in Brisbane’s south was scammed out of a “substantial amount of money”.

A scammer has swindled a Brisbane cakemaker out of a "substantial amount of money" after they were contacted online for a personalised dessert.

Police issued a warning after the Runcorn victim was contacted online to make a personalised birthday cake and the person asked them to put a large amount of money inside that would be a surprise when it was cut into.

When the suspect came to collect the cake, they quickly showed the victim a screenshot of a bank transfer receipt before walking away with the cash-filled cake.

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But the receipt shown was fake and the victim never received a payment into their bank account.

Police are continuing their investigation but are urging the public to always take precautions when conducting business using social media platforms.

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This includes confirming the payment has gone through before handing over goods, not meeting the other party at your home and arranging a safe location and time when you are at less risk and always being aware of your surroundings.

Anyone who experiences a similar incident is urged to make a police report.

Source: 9News

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