A Gold Coast schoolboy taking a break from his online lessons with an ocean swim has found himself caught up in a whole new world, and captured it in breathtaking footage.

Year Eight student Kyal Sorensen was swimming at Burleigh with his father when the two became enmeshed in a school of bait fish.

"It was pretty cool, when you went over a wave you could see a big black spot," Kyal told 9News.

Dad Luke, a professional photographer, didn't miss the opportunity.

"As soon as you dip under the water they swarm around," he said.

"You're surrounded by this shimmering mass of fish."

Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/underwater-bait-fish-school-video-gold-coast-incredible-close-up/f8b7742b-437f-43e6-a9a0-d3d83d680a71

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