Bottle shops across Australia will put temporary limits on the amount of alcohol people can purchase from today.

Retail Drinks Australia announced a voluntary national initiative in partnership with liquor retailers including Liquorland, Dan Murphy's and BWS to prevent shortages after pubs and clubs closed.

"We know that consumers like to feel certainty of supply during times of crisis, and our members want to do their part to encourage people continuing to purchase alcohol responsibly as they normally would," Retail Drinks CEO Julie Ryan said.

The line at Dan Murphy's in Brunswick on Sunday.

"Our suppliers in breweries, wineries, distilleries and the wholesale and distribution of drinks continue to be fully operational and this means there are no issues of supply.

"However, it was clear that uncertainty on the impact of supply following the closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants last week caused some people to purchase differently."

Customers will be restricted to buying two cases of beer, cider, or premixed spirits in one transaction.

The limit on wine is 12 bottles, two cask wines (no more than 10 litres), and two bottles of spirits (no more than two litres).

"We want to now send a clear message bottle shops remain an essential service and there are no issues of supply," Ms Ryan said.

"These temporary measures will ensure that all consumers can continue to access their favourite drinks when they decide to make a purchase."

The restrictions do not include Western Australia as the state has put in place its own limits.

Participating retailers include Coles Liquor.

Participating retailers include Coles Liquor (Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, First Choice, First Choice Liquor Market, all online retailers), Endeavour Drinks (Dan Murphy's, BWS, all online retailers) and Aldi Supermarkets.

Independent Brands Australia, Liquor Legends, Urban Cellars, and Liquor Stax are also taking part.

"We are proud to be supporting Retail Drinks Australia's initiative," an Endeavour Drinks spokesperson told

"While supply is not an issue, we are confident that these sensible measures will ensure that everyone's favourite drinks will continue to be made available.

"We understand that these are uncertain times where there can be comfort found in being prepared, however we would encourage customers to purchase as they would normally, continue to drink responsibly, and to please treat our team with courtesy and respect." 

Source: 9News