January 23, 2021

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Ben Fordham snaps incredibly complicated Sydney parking sign

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<p>Driving in Sydney's CBD may well be a nightmare for the uninitiated.</p>

Driving in Sydney's CBD may well be a nightmare for the uninitiated.

Ben Fordham snapped this photo of a confusing parking sign on Sydney's Pitt Street.

But if this parking sign is any indication, coming to a stop may be even worse.

2GB host Ben Fordham posted this image of a sign on Sydney's CBD.

At certain times of day there's a four-hour limit for paid parking.

But it may take more than four hours to make sense of the sign.

Fortunately his mate Bruno Bouchet put together a flow-chart to simplify the procedure.

"If there was a 'Super Turbo Retweet Button' I'd be hitting it right now," Fordham wrote on Twitter.

A flow-chart explaining when you can park in a certain spot on Sydney's Pitt Street.

The confusing series of signs hearkens back to a viral tweet from nine.com.au's own Dean Nye, who snapped this photo in Leichhardt, in Sydney's inner-west.


Source: 9News https://www.9news.com.au/national/ben-fordham-snaps-incredibly-complicated-sydney-parking-sign/d801e657-a082-435d-a1ad-c1c50a26b8d5

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