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Barron Trump Confirmed As Next Supreme Court Justice

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Insiders say Barron Trump is ‘uniquely qualified for the role’.

A 16 year-old boy described by some as an ‘academic genius – believe me, he has a tremendous legal mind’, has been confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice, following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The confirmation comes after an extensive search which lasted many, many minutes and spanned the entire President’s family.

“He is the perfect choice. Very successful. Great guy by the way,” a spokesperson said.

Insiders say Barron Trump is ‘uniquely qualified for the role’. “What he lacks in legal experience he makes up for in his surname,” one source said.

US President Donald Trump said he had met the new justice many times before and had even spent time with him this year – a claim which some sources say is probably untrue.

More to come.

Source: The Shovel

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