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Australia’s east coast headed for taste of summer this weekend

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Australia’s east coast looks set to enjoy some almost-summerlike weather in coming days, with temperatures in some parts expected to reach the high 20s.

Australia's east coast looks set to enjoy some almost summer-like weather in coming days, with temperatures in some parts expected to reach the high 20s.

Compared to some of the wet weekends NSW had in the lead up to spring, metropolitan areas will see the mercury gradually climb from today – with Sydney's maximum temperature peaking at 29C by Sunday.

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Further north, Queenslanders have been enjoying a balmy start to spring, with the coolest day this month reaching 23.7C and the warmest hitting 26.8C for Brisbane.

But the mercury will go even higher this weekend, with temperatures of 29C, 27C, 28C and 29C over the next four days.

While Melbourne weather won't be as warm as when it hit 26.6C last Thursday, clear skies are expected to remain this weekend with temperatures peaking at 24C on Sunday.

Even the ACT will see warmer than usual temperatures with tops of 21C, 23C and 18C in coming days for Canberra.

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Meteorologists say a high-pressure system is to thank for the warmer weather, but a series of cold fronts are on the way and will bring wet weather from next week.

"A high-pressure system has been sitting over NSW but is now moving off the east coast and will sit there for a few days, directing warm NW winds across SE Australia," Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino said.

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