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Australia’s doctors call for harsher lockdowns as virus cases continue to surge in Victoria

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Australia’s doctors are calling for more restrictions in Melbourne as Victoria continues to record hundreds of new COVID-19 cases.

Australia's doctors are calling for more restrictions in Melbourne as Victoria continues to record hundreds of new COVID-19 cases.

"A move to further restrictions would send a powerful message to all Victoria that this is a serious situation," Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone said.

"Stage 4 restrictions would significantly curtail the movement in the community.

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A woman riding a scooter wearing a face mask at Flinders Street station amid Melbournes lockdown.

"The faster we get out of this we can return to Stage 3 and get on with learning to live with COVID and get on with our lives."

He said they would back any more "painful" measures if the government proposes them.

"We all as a community need to do more," Dr Bartone added.

Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews wearing a mask walks out of the theatre hall after his press conference on July 24, 2020 in Melbourne.

"The numbers have stayed high now for the best part of two weeks, since the lockdown measures were introduced.

"All these measure are starting to take their effect but the numbers remain high.

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"The amount of community transmission needs to drive down further.

"For every hundreds of cases reported, more and more Victorians will lose their lives.

Estia Health aged care facility in Ardeer, Melbourne, which has had more than 60 cases.

"This is a serious situation, needing urgent attention."

Dr Bartone hinted the Melbourne lockdown could last longer than six weeks.

"We will need every bit of that six weeks and even more," he said.

"If we need to impose stricter restrictions, let's do so."

Menarock Life aged care in Essendon, Melbourne where  more than 50 COVID-19 cases have been reported

He also called for more help for the aged care sector.

Six deaths in Victoria today were linked to surging cases in residential homes.

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"That whole sector has been under enormous duress for many, many years now," Dr Bartone said.

"COVID-19 tuned the Bunsen burner up. More needs to be done."

He also criticised people trying to flout restrictions, like those who have set up Facebook pages to share information.

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