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Australia’s Chief Medical Officer details exit strategy for living with COVID-19

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Professor Brendan Murphy has detailed what needs to happen for the country to be able to exit stage three of coronavirus restrictions.

Australia's best medical minds have mapped out a strategy of "stable epidemiology" for the country to cope with outbreaks of COVID-19 after all restrictions are eased.

Speaking at this afternoon's national address, Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said the key beyond stage three of easing restrictions is routine and speedy testing.

"The same sorts of things, only small outbreaks, are readily controllable. It's very important we have active testing," Professor Murphy said.

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"We've got to keep our testing rate up because it is the only way to find the outbreaks."

The Chief Medical Officer said the Pandemic Health Intelligence Plan would outline how the government will approach re-opening society to where it was before coronavirus.

"We've got good testing and good stable epidemiology with small outbreaks only," Professor Murphy said.

"If the Australian public are managing to maintain all these new behaviours of social distancing, and have shown that they can do things in a safe way in the progressively increased gathering sizes, that will give us the confidence to look at a staged further progression in the future."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said speculating beyond stage three is "very, very difficult" because it's currently unclear what effect easing restrictions will have on case numbers.

"That's not through a lack of willingness to want to do that. I can understand particularly in the entertainment sector they are keen to know when you can get more than 200 people in a theatre or the sporting codes to have crowds back," said Mr Morrison.

"But at that stage it is not known and we'll step through each of the stages we've set out and make assessments and take the medical advice from experts and I'll pass to mine on that."

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