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Australia braces for wild weather from Friday

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Australia’s east and west coasts are set to be hit by extreme weather from Friday.

Australia's east and west coasts are set to be hit by extreme weather from Friday.

In recent days Australia's eastern seaboard copped a downpour of wet and windy conditions, affecting New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and now the west coast is also set to experience wild weather as well into the weekend.

According to Weatherzone, a tropical low pressure system is developing northwest of the Cocos Islands, a remote territory of Australia off the west coast.

There's a moderate chance it may become a tropical cyclone on Friday, moving southeast to Western Australia at the weekend.

It is not expected to still be classified as a tropical cyclone when it reaches the coast, including Perth, however heavy rain, large swell and high winds are expected on Sunday and Monday.

The west and east coast will cop heavy rain

Unfortunately the severe weather warning comes at the same time as regional travel restrictions in WA are set to be relaxed since coronavirus precautions were implemented.

Meanwhile, over on the east coast, the rough weather will hit earlier, courtesy of a deep low in the Tasman Sea.

On Friday, there will be strong winds to exceed 90km/h, and heavy rain from 20-40mm in some areas and possibly up to 100mm.

South Australia blasted by hail

Swell is expected to be 5-6 metres high from the south coast of NSW in Eden, to the Macquarie coast.

Further up the east coast and up north on Friday, thick cloud with a trough and tropical moisture will also cause temperatures to drop 8-12 degrees Celsius below average in parts of Queensland and Northern Territory.

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