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Aussie sound designers nail noise cancellation with new in-ear headphones

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The earbuds have an incredible battery life with a sensational sound level with no distortion.

Aussie sound designers AudioFly have nailed noise cancellation on their new AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones.

It's an horrendous name but I couldn't hear my boss yelling out to me while using them to listen to music, so that's a win for the $199 AFT2.

I've never been a fan of in-ear headphones. Swapping out for smaller rubber tips can help but I've personally never found a pair that I could comfortably wear for hours on end and the AudioFly AFT2s are no exception.

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There are two sizes of rubber tips included in the box and while the AFT2s feel snug and comfortable at first, their bulkier build carries enough weight that you will feel them over time.

What you get in return is phenomenal battery life and a solid audio punch.

Calls come through clearly on headphones with a solid range if you want to leave your phone nearby while working in the garden and there's the option to control your music with simple touches.

Double tapping the right headphone will skip to the next song, the same on the left goes backward, with a single touch on either pausing the music.

Disappointingly, there's no way to control the volume on the headphones themselves.

Like all in-ear headphones, the 6mm dynamic driver struggles to deliver hefty bass notes of dance or RnB tracks, but handles mid and high tones well enough.

The AFT2 buds will each last 10 hours on a full charge but that can be increased to 35 hours with the help of the charging case, which gets a full charge in 90-minutes via USB-C.

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AudioFly's sliding tube-like case design may be the most satisfying headphone case on the market.

It opens and closes with an incredibly satisfying snap and I often found myself playing with the case when I didn't even need the headphones.

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Its sheer size makes the case impractical to carry in fitted pants, and its shape may draw a few too many concerned glances stuffed in a front pocket.

The AFT2 is best carried in a jacket or bag and the bright orange of my "sunset' coloured review unit made it all too easy to find.

The headphones are available in three other colours: granite (black), sand (white) and gum leaf (green). At the time of writing, granite is sold out on the AudioFly website.

For $199, the AFT2 holds its own against the big guns.

They're not as comfortable as Samsung's $319 Galaxy Buds Live but the audio quality achieved by AudioFly's Aussie designers is remarkably similar to my ears.

I rarely noticed distortion even at the highest volumes on the AFT2, which is way too loud to listen to comfortably anyway.

Are they the best in-ear phones on the market? No.

There's no wireless charging but they're pretty damned good for the price - provided you like the look and size of the AFT2's larger (and more fun) charging case.

Source: 9News

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