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Aussie’s great escape from virus-hit Wuhan

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A Sydney real estate agent evacuated from Wuhan has documented his rescue from China.

A Sydney real estate agent evacuated from Wuhan has documented his rescue from China.

Daniel Ou Yang from Roseville was visiting his grandparents for Chinese New Year when the deadly virus struck, shutting down the city.

He had wanted to make the first Qantas evacuation flight but missed out.

He is among 35 Australians from Wuhan who have just touched down in Auckland on an Air New Zealand flight.

They will be transferred to Christmas Island for quarantine.

Mr Ou Yang, filmed his escape from the city, showing streets which appeared completely empty except for China Health vehicles

Once he arrives at the airport, wearing a black face mask, he shows a line of passengers waiting to board his flight.

The rest of the terminal appears almost empty.

He said passengers were screened to ensure they weren't sick.

"There is a lot of people  - all these people waiting to be evacuated," he says in the video.

"We are going to be tested for our temperature to make sure none of us is sick or showing any symptoms."

He admitted he was worried about boarding the plane and heading to Christmas Island where he will remain for 14 days in quarantine. "I've definitely had my concerns and my thoughts holding me back from being on this flight," he said.

"But, in the end I just said, 'you know, I had to do it, I had to get on this flight, get home to my life my family over there as well.'

"It's actually not a bad facility. They separate you family by family.

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"So for me, if it's just myself, I suppose  have my own room for 14 days, have a bed, have air-con." The whole process from arrival at the airport to take-off took 12 hours. Not everybody onboard the plane was wearing a face mask.

Meanwhile, Australians still in China have been urged to take the last commercial flights out - with the Prime Minister warning the government may not be able to rescue them if they're stranded during a coronavirus lockdown.

Source: 9News

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