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‘Army’ called in to relieve hundreds of infected hospital staff

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Relief workers have been called in to help Melbourne hospital staff struggling to cope with rising numbers of coronavirus.

Relief workers have been called in to help Melbourne hospital staff struggling to cope with rising numbers of coronavirus.

Hundreds of healthcare workers, who have been infected with coronavirus, have been forced into isolation, with hospitals around the city putting out a desperate call for help.

An army of 14,000 nurses and doctors are on their way to help relieve the 529 healthcare workers who have caught COVID-19.

Hospital nursing staff assist people lining up for COVID-19 screening outside the Royal Melbourne Hospital  on March 11, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Luis Ascui/Getty Images)

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said "no health system would cope" if infection numbers climbed further.

"When you get swamped every day with additional cases, and every case represents the better part of four or five contacts, that's always going to push you," Mr Andrews said.

Australian Defence Force soldiers are also patrolling Melbourne streets, assisting local police with enforcing mask rules.

Yesterday, wearing a face mask became mandatory for residents of greater Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, with fines of $200 being issued to anyone who disobeys regulations.

People are seen lining up to get tested for Coronavirus at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Tuesday 10 March 2020

Some have also reported confusion over whether they are required to self-isolate after getting tested, with official leaflets being handed out that say if you feel well, there is no need to.

However, the Andrews government is insisting that once you get tested, regardless of how you feel, you must stay home until your results come through.

Yesterday, Victoria saw one of its worst days, with another 403 people infected and five more deaths.

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