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Apple confirms ‘long-held’ rumours

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Apple brings a splash of colour with new iPhone, iMac, iPads and key tracking AirTags.

Apple brings a splash of colour with new iPhone, iMac, iPads and key tracking AirTags.

In its first event of the year, tech giant Apple has announced a range of new products in a fast-paced, one-hour virtual presentation overnight.

While always expected to be the event where new iPad Pro devices would be announced, there was a whole lot more to come from the presentation, confirming many long-held rumoured products. In all, five new products were announced.

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A Purple iPhone 12

Normally Apple reserves its iPhone announcements for later in the year, however in 2021 a new variant of the existing iPhone 12 will be available - in purple.

Apple purple iPhone

While exactly the same device, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, will now come in the vibrant purple colour as a choice. The iPhone 12 in purple is available for Pre-order this Friday, and will ship to customers on Friday April 30

Apple AirTags

After opening its "Find My" app to third party companies just a week ago, Apple has muscled in on the key tracking market with their Apple AirTags.

These small circular tags contain a range of advanced technologies to allow your iPhone to locate them within a room, using pinpoint accuracy, even showing an arrow on the screen of your iPhone when you're searching for the lost item.

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Apple key finder

When lost outside of the range of the owners iPhone, a set of keys can be marked lost, and the entire Apple ecosystem of millions of iPhone users form a search party, anonymously and privately helping you find your lost keys.

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A single AirTag will cost $45, while a set of four will be $149. Each can be customised with letters or Emojis to identify them, plus there'll be a range of accessories to match, hold and attach them to your things.

Apple TV 4K

One of Apple's best but least talked about products, the small set top box that turns any TV into a smart TV gets a new update. Starting at $249, the new Apple TV 4K will come with an upgraded processor, straight from the iPhone, giving it the performance to improve picture quality, higher frame rates and improved gaming.

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The new Apple TV 4K will also have the capability to pair with your iPhone to perform a scan of your TV screen to check the colour levels and self adjust to ensure you're getting the perfect picture from your screen.

iPad Pro

Apple's most expensive iPads are also their most powerful. The new iPad Pro devices will feature Apple's own processor the M1 which is also found in their laptop computers. This power means they have the performance to match their "Pro" tag with a market of designers, developers and high end users keen for the performance boost.

The latest iPad Pro will also feature 5G connectivity for faster file transfers and better video quality, plus the screen features a range of new technologies to make it the best ever seen on an Apple iPad.

In Australia, new iPad Pro will start at $1199 for the 11 inch model, going up to $1899 for the 12.9 inch model with 5G.

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Over 20 years ago Steve Jobs revealed the "Bondi Blue" iMac all-in-one computer. At the time a radical design, received well but also ahead of its time.

With Apple's market share at all time highs, the latest iMac looks back to that time, while featuring a radical new look for an all-in-one PC.

Available in seven colours (Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Silver, Yellow, Orange and, Purple) the new look iMac is radical.

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A thin screen, best described as a giant iPad, sits on a simple stand, and features a large 24 inch display surrounded by a white Bezel the colour on the front is more toned down, while on the back it's dark and vibrant.

New IMacs come with accessories that also feature the colour choice, with the Magic Keyboard and Mouse surrounded by hints of colours, while the Keyboard is available with Apple's fingerprint reading TouchID technology.

Apple iMacs featuring Apple M1 processor are coming soon, starting at $1899 in Australia.

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