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Aldi’s panic-buying toilet paper sale falls flat due to ‘unexpected demand’

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Aldi was offering 48 rolls of 3-ply for $14.95 on Wednesday, but most stores have already sold out.

Aldi Australia has been forced to scale back its intended toilet paper "special buy" sale after stores mistakenly began distributing value packs before their intended date.

Capitalising on the trend of "panic-buying" toilet paper from supermarkets, Aldi had begun advertising 48-roll packs of toilet paper for $14.95.

The rolls were to become the centrepiece of the supermarkets bi-weekly "special buys" sale, but early distribution and "unexpected demand" means only some stores will have stock of the coveted loo roll.

"Due to unexpected demand on certain products over the past week, our Emporia toilet paper and Handee Ultra paper towel Special Buys were made available in stores earlier than the intended on sale date (Wednesday, March 11)," Aldi Australia wrote on its Facebook page.

"As a result, these Special Buys will only be available in limited ALDI stores.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Followers of the supermarket expressed their disappointment at the news.

"I am completely out of paper towel at home at the moment, and I cannot get it anywhere," wrote one follower.

"I was relying on these specials to finally get my hands on some, and now there is no way it will be available at my store, since it's been sold out of both loo roll and paper towel for days.

"I am not trying to panic buy, I just want to clean up!"

Empty toilet paper shelves in a Coles store in Sydney. Some customers have stockpiled toilet rolls and other essential items.

Yesterday Aldi Australia announced it was limiting the purchase of toilet paper products to one pack per customer to "improve access".

"We ask our customers to remember to show kindness, empathy and calmness when shopping with us," Aldi Australia said in a statement.

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The curious behaviour of panic-buying toilet paper to fight a respiratory disease has forced all major Australian supermarkets to react.

A dispute over toilet paper turned violent at a Sydney Woolworths.

Coles took out a full page newspaper ad pleading with consumers to only buy as much toilet paper as they need.

"The sudden and unprecedented demand for toilet paper has created a problem. But the problem isn't a shortage of toilet paper," the ad, which ran in The Australian, reads.

"The problem is that some people are buying a lot more toilet paper than they normally do and more than they need to.

"At Coles, we have a responsibility to ensure every Australian can access their fair share of the things they need every day. And right now, not every Australian can; including the elderly and most vulnerable.

"We can't allow that to continue."

Woolworths has placed a four-pack limit of toilet paper on consumers after a fight broke out in a Sydney supermarket over mass-buying of bog roll.

Source: 9News

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