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Storm to hit bushfire zone after properties lost

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The ACT is now bracing for a storm this afternoon after a bushfire at the southern tip of the territory was downgraded from the highest emergency level to watch and act the day before.

There are reports of property losses after bushfires tore through the ACT and southern New South Wales yesterday.

Five emergency warnings were in place yesterday afternoon for blazes across the NSW South Coast and south-east, with all since downgraded.

The area will be hit with a storm this afternoon, posing a risk to firefighters on the ground.

A huge plume of smoke can be seen from the Big Jack Mountain Fire in the Bega Valley.

Deputy RFS Commissioner Rob Rogers said conditions would ease today and allow fire crews to assess the damage.

"We've had reports of a number of property losses," Mr Rogers told Today.

"We don't know how many but we're reporting between 10 and 20.

"We have got crews on the ground this morning to try to get that accurate number of that."

Some of the losses are believed to be in Bumbalong, south of Canberra.

It is not yet known whether the damaged properties are homes or outbuildings.

Laurence Cowie chooses to stay and defend his home on Bumbalong Road in Bredbo North.

The Rural Fire Service had warned there was an immediate threat to properties and lives from the Clear Range fire in the areas of Colinton, Michelago and Bredbo.

The out-of-control Clear Range blaze was created from embers that moved kilometres from the ACT's large Orroral Valley fire.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council asked residents in the tiny town of Bredbo - which had a population of just 352 people in 2016 - to reduce their water usage where possible "to ensure there's enough water for emergency firefighting efforts".

"Water is currently being used faster than it can replenished," the council posted on Facebook yesterday evening.

Very high fire danger is forecast today for the North Coast, Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney, Illawarra/Shoalhaven, Central Ranges, Northern Slopes and North Western fire regions.

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The Monaro Highway remained closed near the ACT border between Royalla and Bunyan due to the Clear Range fire.

Clair Cowie defends her home from an out of control spot fire on February 01, 2020 at Bredbo North near Canberra,

ACT blaze downgraded

The ACT is now bracing for a storm this afternoon after a bushfire at the southern tip of the territory was downgraded from the highest emergency level to watch and act the day before.

The ACT's Emergency Services Agency said fire activity had eased across the fire ground although there is a risk to firefighters from falling trees.

"There is currently no threat to our southern suburbs and the ACT, but conditions can and may change quickly," ACT Emergency Services Agency Commissioner Georgeina Whelan told reporters in Canberra today.

Temperatures in the nation's capital were slightly cooler today after topping 40C for two consecutive days, hitting 42.7C in Canberra yesterday.

Bumbalong residents getting ready to defend their home from a bushfire south of Canberra.

The commissioner said a storm is forecast to hit the nation's capital.

"Perfect storm conditions for us would be rain and no thunder and no wind in the gap of land that has not been burnt between our southern borders," she said.

"However, this cannot be guaranteed. Our community needs to be prepared for the impact this storm may have on our southern and western suburbs."

A bushfire burning south of Canberra threatening communities in Bumbalong.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr told reporters said a lot of effort went into protecting the southern suburbs of Canberra and particularly the rural village of Tharwa.

"Thanks to the combined work of government emergency service agencies and the Australian Defence Force there has been no loss of life and no loss of property (in the ACT)," he said.

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"The fire did cross the New South Wales border, and unfortunately some property loss occurred Bumbalong."

He said there are still days and possibly weeks of firefighting ahead.

Yesterday, Mr Barr said the state of emergency in the territory is expected to remain until at least tomorrow.

Fire burns in the grass along the road as firetrucks pass by near Bumbalong, south of the Australian capital, CanberraFirefighters are working to contain a number of spot fires burning north-west of Bredbo that originated from the Orroral Valley blaze.

Three fires merge

Yesterday, three fires combined in the NSW Bega Valley and the threat stretched from Candello to the east of Bombala.

RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said they were "burning very intensely".

"A number of these fires, especially the complex down in south-eastern corner and the Clear Range fire, they have issued safety alerts across the fire grounds," he said.

"They are generating fire generated thunderstorms, pyroconvective columns, which are obviously dangerous and create increased hazards and volatility around the fire ground.

"We have already detected lightning activity at one fire complex in the south-east."

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