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142,000 Scott Morrison Photo Ops Arrive In Australia

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“The full roll-out of media stunts begins next week”

The first shipment of over 140,000 precious photo opportunities arrived in Sydney on Monday, ahead of a full roll-out of media activity beginning next week.

Scott Morrison is first in line for the roll-out and is said to be cautiously optimistic about taking the first photo opportunity next Monday.

“The images we’ve seen today give us a lot of hope that we really can get people to believe we’ve made a success of a vaccination program that’s started more than two months after the rest of the world”.

The Prime Minister said the government would think carefully about the order of the roll-out. “The advice I’ve been given is that I should do a photo of me holding a vaccine while sitting in a F35 fight jet first, before moving on to other photo opportunities”.

Source: The Shovel

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